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Vice President Zhou Min meets with heads of Belt & Road General Chamber of Commerce
Source:Comprehensive Management Dept.   Date:2018-12-25

SIC’s Vice President Zhou Min met with Ms. Zheng Xiangling, Chairperson of Hongkong Belt & Road General Chamber of Commerce on the afternoon of Dec. 18. Both sides exchanged views on the cooperation of Belt & Road data sharing.

Zhou Min first welcomed Ms. Zheng’s visit to SIC, and introduced its major functions and applications to decision support by means of big data. Yu Shiyang, Director-General of the Dept. of Big Data Development introduced the background of founding the department and the progress to serve local government and enterprises. Wang Jingxuan, Director of Belt & Road Portal Operation Division briefed the progress of Belt & Road portal.

Chairperson Zheng introduced the background of Hongkong Belt & Road General Chamber of Commerce and expressed the willingness to strengthen the cooperation in data sharing, which is expected to provide risk alert and information services to the member enterprises when investing in countries alongside the Belt and Road. At the end of the meeting, Vice President Zhou Min gave the series book “Big Data on Belt & Road” published by SIC as a gift to Chairperson Zheng, who gave the commemorative album of the General Chamber of Commerce in return.