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Vice President Zhou Min meets with Tanzania e-Government Agency Delegation
Source:Comprehensive Management Department   Date:2019-01-11
On the morning of January 9, Vice President Zhou Min met with Tanzania e-Government Agency Delegation headed by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Bakari. Both sides had an in-depth exchange on e-government development, better big data management, etc.

Vice President Zhou Min expressed warm welcome to the Tanzanian delegation. He introduced the main functions of SIC(Administration Center of China E-Government Network), especially on the joint planning and united standard of national e-government extranet in recent years, various measures that include the departments and areas, and provision of efficient and convenient service. Related colleagues from Department of Public Technical Service and Department of Big Data Development presented the formation and application of national data sharing & exchange platform, and the research on big data analysis.

Mr. Bakari thanked SIC for their reception and sharing with the delegation. He introduced the e-government status in Tanzania and hoped to have further cooperation and communication on staff training, planning and consultation with the SIC.