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Sharing Economy Research Center of State Information Center Releases Sharing Accommodation Service Standard
Source:Ministry of Industry and Information Technology   Date:2018-11-20

On November 15, 2018, Sharing Economy Research Center of State Information Center released Sharing Accommodation Service Standard in Beijing. The Service Standard stipulates specific requirements to the hot issues of the industry’s development and public attention.

Vice President of State Information Center, Xu Changming attended and made a speech at the meeting, and Chief Information Officer of SIC, Director General of Sharing Economy Research Center, Zhang Xinhong hosted the meeting.

Vice President Xu Changming pointed out, during the past years, dually driven by national policies and technological innovation, sharing accommodation has seen a fast growth in China, and the mode is becoming mature with a great potential. This release of the Service Standard is pursuant to request of China’s standardization of sharing economy, to enhance industry self-discipline and regulate their operation, which is the key practice to boost the industry’s healthy development as well as a supportive exploration of supervision in synergy, in the hope to provide reference to the government in regulation and policy making. It is hoped that sharing accommodation industry will evolve more healthily under the guidance of the standard, and that this standardization will be experience and reference to the other fields so that China’s sharing economy standardization will improve and China could have more say and impact on international standard making.

Director General Zhang Xinhong introduced the context of the Service Standard in hosting. He said, the formulation of the standard caters to the need of the macro-environment of sharing economy development. The Service Standard aims to improve the standardization and quality of sharing accommodation service, the industry discipline, regulate the growth order, and forge a good environment for industry development.

At the release conference, Pan Caifu, Vice President of Xiaozhu, An Li, Vice President of Airbnb China, Zheng Yue, Vice President of Tujia, Chen Jun, Director of Accommodation Safety Affairs of Meituan Zhenguo, signed on the letter of commitment to obey Sharing Accommodation Service Standard to promise the implementation of the rule and better self-discipline.

During the seminar part, Feng Jun, Deputy Director Development Research Center of State Administration of Market Regulation, Chen Yongwei, researcher of Peking University’s Market And Network Economy Research Center, Cai Hong, Dean of Tourism Management Department from Capital University Of Economics and Business, talked about how to move forward sharing economy in a healthy and rapid manner. Experts say, China is the innovator and leading player of global sharing economy, the release of the Service Standard also makes important exploration of standardized system in sharing economy. The companies shall implement their responsibilities effectively, enhance safety, improve customer experience, and develop with order and vigor together based on the service standard.

The drafting of the Service Standard was organized by the Sharing Economy Research Center of SIC, participated by the relevant departments, institutions, experts, and major players like Xiaozhu, Airbnb, Tujia, Meituan Zhenguo. President of Beijing International Studies University Gu Huimin’s team cooperated in research and drafting. The file was argued and discussed among experts and businesses before its release.

Related departments, research institutions, universities, businesses and media attended the meeting.