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Vice President Ma Zhongyu meets with Miller, CEO of Greybird Ventures
Source:Economic Forecasting Department   Date:2018-10-12

Ma Zhongyu, Vice President of State Information Center (SIC), met with Tom Miller, CEO of Greybird Ventures from the United States and his delegation in Beijing on the afternoon of October 9.

Vice President Ma Zhongyu welcomed Mr. Miller and introduced the SIC. Zhang Yuxian, Director General of Economic Forecasting Department elaborated the work on economic development’s new kinetic energy, innovation and entrepreneurship in recent years.

Vice President Ma said, artificial intelligence and other emerging industries are the key areas China supports in the future, as well as those China encourages foreign investment and introduce new technology. Innovations and entrepreneurship activities in artificial intelligence, especially in smart healthcare, are active, while some AI’s application, especially in assisting diagnosis, plays good economic and social returns and are of effective approaches for better livelihood and beneficial explorations to cultivate new directions for economic growth and fill the gap in public service. Currently, innovations and entrepreneurship resources home and abroad needs more communication, integration and cooperation, which requires China further improve the globalization in innovations and entrepreneurship, expand their exchange and collaboration internationally, get into the wave of global innovation and startup, and form some aggregates of international innovation and startups.

Mr Miller elaborates the investment principles of Gates Foundation and famous investment funds represented by Greybird in smart healthcare, and the collaboration between China CDC and CAS JF Intelligent Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd. that Greybird invested, which has succeeded in AI-aided prevention and control of tuberculosis.

Both sides believe their cooperation will be proceeded in three aspects: firstly, in-depth research in smart healthcare innovation and startup activities with the example of JF Healthcare; secondly, cooperation to promote research resources’ international exchange and commercialization in smart healthcare; thirdly, unite relevant local governments to forge a series of bases on AI innovation and startup, and make AI industrialized and be one of the new driving forces of local high-quality economic growth.

Wu Wenhui, Chairman of the Board of JF Healthcare and related people from SIC’s Economic Forecast Department and the Comprehensive Management Department were also present at the meeting.