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Vice President Zhou Min meets with Li Shiyong, President of Shenyang Information Center and the delegation
Source:Department of Public Technical Service   Date:2018-11-08
Zhou Min, Vice President of SIC met with Mr. Li Shiyong, President of Shenyang Information Center (Shenyang Credit Center) and the delegation. Zhou Min welcomed their visit and introduced the main functions and work of SIC.

Liu Jianguo, Director-General of Public Technical Service Department, Wang Yuanhong, Deputy Director-General of Economic Forecasting Department, Chen Qiang, Deputy Director-General of Big Data Development Department and staff from credit center attended the meeting. Both sides took up an in-depth discussion on the operation and maintenance E-government Network, economic forecasting model, application of big data and the construction of credit system.

Li Shiyong said that according to the requirement of institutional reform in Liaoning province, after integrating 22 city-level information centers, Shenyang information Center was reconstructed, which would like to strengthen the communication and cooperation with SIC for the development of itself.