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Vice President Ma Zhongyu Attends Launching Ceremony of ‘SIC(Foshan) Digital Simulation Research Institute’
Source:Economic Forecasting Department   Date:2018-10-29

The launching ceremony of State Information Center (Foshan) Digital Simulation Research Institute was held in ZK Tower, Nanhai District, Foshan City on the afternoon of October 24, 2018. Jointly constituted by State Information Center, Foshan People’s Government and Nanhai District People’s Government, and with the focus on digital economy and policy stimulation, the institute has been set to improve the capability of decision-making, management and service of Foshan city, advance the renewal of economic driving forces and high-quality development, so as to facilitate Foshan in becoming ‘Global Digital Economy’s New Metropolitan’. It answers to the request from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s strategy on accelerating the economic upgrade with digital economy and that from central government on ‘improving the ability of economic surveillance, forecast and alert, using big data, cloud computing and other technologies, enhancing macroscopic adjustment and control’.

In the launching ceremony, Vice President of SIC, Ma Zhongyu, Foshan’s Vice Mayor and Member of the Municipal Committee, Cai Jiahua, Deputy Party Secretary of Nanhai District and Head of Nanhai District, Gu Yaohui, CAS academician and Professor in Shenzhen University and Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chen Guoliang, Vice Chairperson of China Information Industry Association, Zhu Yu, National ‘Thousand Talents Plan’ Expert and Chair of the Board of Directors of Beijing Percent Corporation, Su Meng, and other present experts and business delegates unveiled the plate of the institute. Vice President Ma Zhongyu said in the speech that the institute marks the first time when SIC puts policy stimulation tools and input-output analysis methodology in supporting local government’s decision making. It will build the digital economic database and policy stimulation platform with an eye on the two areas of digital economy and policy stimulation, form the general route of Foshan’s digital economy growth, and give rise to a series of good results from digital economy innovation and entrepreneurship activities. Vice Mayor and Member of the Municipal Committee of Foshan Cai Jiahua aid in the speech that, the institute will greatly elevate the digital economy growth and benefit the manufacturing upgrade and high-quality development.

After the launching ceremony, Vice President Ma Zhongyu and Vice Mayor Cai Jiahua hosted the session of ‘Digital Foshan Experts Talk’, during which SIC’s staff introduced ideas on Foshan’s input-output database design, policy stimulation platform design, how to make Foshan’s digital economy develop, as well as experience and successful cases of SIC’s innovation and entrepreneurship service in local economic and social development. Nanhai District’s related department introduced Nanhai’s strategy and results of big data industry and digital government development. Experts and representatives from Huawei, Alibaba Cloud, Grandblue, Wision, and other famous enterprises had in-depth communication on Industrial Internet, AI, IoT, Foshan and Nanhai’s digital government construction and digital industry development strategy.

Related people from Economic forecasting department and SIC Entrepreneurship and Innovation Technology Industry Development (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. also attended the above activities.