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Cheng Xiaobo: New Smart City Pushes China’s Digital Economy into Fast Lane
Source:Department of Informatization and Industry Development   Date:2018-08-07
Co-hosted by State Information Center, China Smart City Research Center and Jiangxi Information Center, ‘Innovation and Development Forum on Jiangxi New Smart City’was convened in Nanchang on July 28, which was organized by Jiangxi Daily, Tellhow Group Co., Ltd and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. SIC’s President Cheng Xiaobo attended the Forum and delivered the speech.

Cheng Xiaobo said, new smart city is a comprehensive carrier of new development concepts to build the network power, digital China and a smart society. It also serves as a key to taking opportunities of informatization, carrying out national informatization strategy and promoting economic and social development. In recent years, under the guidance of the coordination team at minister-level in new smart city, the new smart city is gaining momentum with evident application cases. It can be seen that the new generation technologies like Internet, Internet of Things, big data and AI are playing an important role in city transformation and high-quality development. A series of featured applications and operation modes are emerging in exploring ways of building new smart city by local governments, which improves capacities of city governance and public services, fueling development of new technologies, new industries and new business models so as to driving the digital economy into fast lanes.

Cheng Xiaobo also pointed out that SIC has initiated the research on smart city since 2009 with plenty of research output and practices. SIC is committed to create a win-win platform to coordinate with local governments, industries, enterprises and professional institutions with the aim of building a healthy and sustainable ecology for the development of new smart city.

Mr. Shan Zhiguang, Director-General of Informatization and Industry Development Department of SIC and Research Center of China Smart City Development delivered a keynote speech named Smart City Building under the Digital Economy Era. He also joined the roundtable talk of ‘Cooperative Governance of New Smart City’ as one of speaking guests. Specialists, enterprises and research institutes in smart city research attended the forum.