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High-end Forum on Intelligent Application and High Quality Life held during Smart China Expo
Source:Department of Big Data Development   Date:2018-08-24

Co-hosted by Smart China Expo Organizing Committee and State Information Center, organized by Chongqing Development and Reform Commission, High-end Forum on Intelligent Application and High Quality Life was held during 2018 Smart China Expo on the afternoon of August 23, 2018. Cheng Xiaobo, President of State Information Center attended and spoke at the forum. Xu Daiyin, Vice President of Chongqing People's Political Consultative Conference, Yang Xueshan, former Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology were also present and delivered keynote speeches.

Cheng Xiaobo, President of State Information Center, delivered a speech.

Cheng Xiaobo talked about ideas and experiences about intelligent application and high-quality life in three ways:

First is about the insight on future, i.e., the impact of big data and intelligent technology on future life. Every time when information technology takes a key step ahead, it will bring tremendous changes to the human society, primarily on human action and life style. The Internet, big data and AI’s wide application have enabled new forms and new modes of consumption such as online shopping, mobile payment, sharing economy, intelligent home, unattended retail, etc. On the one hand, it serves as the solid base of and strong momentum for high-quality life, one the other hand, it revokes unprecedented challenge to future employment structure, fair distribution, balanced development, which shall be understood and answered thoroughly.

Second is about innovation’s pioneering function that forges an example of future life of digital technology and pastoral scenery. During the NPC &CPPCC this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out the new strategic positioning of ‘2 high’ of Chongqing, that is striving to promote high-quality development and create high-quality life. Today’s Chongqing has ambitious resolutions and talents from everywhere. It will consolidate and connect the digital, innovative and industry resources in the social sector and people’s livelihood, using big data and intellectualization to build a new Chongqing that are both prosperous and green.

The third is to be steady and visionary, endorsing deeper and more comprehensive cooperation between SIC and Chongqing in big data. SIC and Chongqing have extensive basis of strategic cooperation. NDRC Internet Big Data Center’s Chongqing sub-center and SIC ‘Belt and Road’ Big Data Center’s West China Center were founded in Chongqing, and West China Big Data Forefront Applications Institute was organized. During this Expo, SIC’s Digital China Institute displayed the research institute’s explorations with over twenty collaborating partners in recent years. SIC and Chongqing government signed strategic cooperation agreement, a result of many years of close cooperation between two parties as well as a key starting point of joint exploration of new modes and routes of digital China’s construction. 

Wei Ying, Deputy Director General of the Department of Big Data Development, delivered a keynote speech.

During the forum, Wei Ying, Deputy Director General of Big Data Development Department of SIC, delivered a keynote speech, sharing the exploration and practice of big data index on resident consumption in the past year, and describing the new features of consumption development trends in the context of the new digital economy and the new attempts based on big data.

Also attended the forum were top talents in the field from Peking University, Korean University of Science and Technology, Microsoft, Alibaba, Meituan, Siemens, and other famous universities and businesses.