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Vice President Ma Zhongyu attends the 4th General Assembly of Information Security Committee of China Information Industry Association
Source:Department of Information and Network Security   Author:SIC   Date:2018-06-15

On May 31, 2018, the 4th General Assembly of the Information Security Committee of China Information Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Security Committee) was held in the State Information Center. The Vice President of the SIC, Ma Zhongyu attended the assembly and delivered a speech.

In his address, Ma Zhongyu granted the Security Committee high recognition for the work they had done since the establishment 20 years ago. He stressed that since established in 1998, the Security Committee had long supported SIC’s Information and Network Security Department, serving as a window for the department in external communication and services. This time the changing of the term of office would still adhere to the principle of “innovation, openness and succession”, bringing in talents of various fields. With continuous efforts put in supporting the department and promoting the external communication and services, the Security Committee must base their work on the enhancement and protection of information security, focusing on information security strategy planning, e-government security and big data security. The committee shall support party and government departments in decision-making, offer information consultation service for industry development, and improve and adjust the content and form of its operation and performance, so as to make greater contributions to the enhancement of information security.

The CIIA’s President He Cuiqin, Vice president Zhu Yu, the SIC ‘s former Vice Presidents Li Zhengnan and Du Lian, the Director General and Deputy Director General of SIC’s  Information and Network Security Department respectively, Yang Shaoliang and Lu Kai, the Deputy Director General of the Technical Committee of National Information Security Standardization Committee Cui Shukun and a member from the same Committee Zhao Zhansheng attended the assembly, during which the list of candidates of the 4th Security Committee was approved by vote. Executive members from the standing council units, council units and member units, about 60 persons, were also present.