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SIC President Liu Yunan went to Chongqing Western Big Data Frontier Application Research Institute for field survey
Source:Big Data Development Department   Date:2019-12-24

On the morning of December 20, SIC President Liu Yunan and Vice President Zhou Min went to Chongqing Western Big Data Frontier Application Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Western Institute) to conduct research and work discussions. The meeting was chaired by Yu Shiyang, Director-General of the Big Data Development Department , Deputy Director-General Chen Qiang, Wei Ying, and staff from the General Administration Office and the Comprehensive Management Department participated.


Chen Qiang, Deputy Director-General of the Big Data Development Department and President of the Western Institute, gave a detailed report on the work since its establishment. Staff representatives shared the work experiences at the meeting. Xu Yi, Vice General Manager of Chongqing Xiantao Data Valley, briefly introduced the cooperation between the Western Institute and Data Valley, and said that in the future, Data Valley will spare no effort to support the next development of the Western Institute.  

Vice President Zhou Min affirmed the achievements of the Western Institute in system management, business development, and technological innovation. He proposed that the Western Institute should further improve the talent training mechanism, strengthen data collection capabilities, and enhance research and service capabilities.  

SIC Presdient Liu Yunan pointed out that since the establishment of the Western Institute for a year, various work has been carried out with remarkable results. First, team building exceeded expectations. The Western Institute has cultivated a team that is capable, energetic, creative and cohesive. Secondly, the results of the service exceeded expectations. The Western Institute has grown into a reliable new force that serves the central decision-making, serves the National Development and Reform Commission, and supports the work of the SIC. Third, local support exceeded expectations. Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and Yubei District Party Committee and District Government gave great support to the work of the Western Institute. Secretary-General of Chongqing Party Committee Chen Min’er also led a team to investigate the relevant results, which is a powerful driving force for the rapid progress of various work of the Western Institute.  

For the next step of the Western Institute, Liu Yunan proposed that we must do a good job of "three close-ups" and "two grasps": first, we must be close to the central government and provide good decision-making support services; secondly, close to Chongqing by stimulating local digital economy development; the third is to stay close to the forefront, focus on innovation, and promote the application and transformation of new technologies. At the same time, we must grasp theoretical research and form forward-looking theoretical research results around the data element market allocation mechanism and digital government construction; we must grasp industrial applications and apply theory to industries so as to be a leader in digital economy applications.  

Liu Yunan also said that SIC will further support the growth and development of the Western Institute, strengthen the institutional integration and communication between the Western Institute and the Big Data Development Department, and look forward to seeing more new achievements from the Western Institute.