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"White Paper on New Infrastructure Construction in the 5G Era" jointly released by SIC
Source:Comprehensive Management Department   Date:2019-11-27

On the afternoon of November 22, at the first World 5G Conference held in Yizhuang, the State Information Center, together with the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and Beijing Yizhuang Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. jointly issued the "White Paper on New Infrastructure Construction in the 5G Era."  

Zhang Xueying, Vice President of SIC, pointed out at the press conference that the new generation of information technology and the deep integration with economy and society are leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world. The new infrastructure provides common and intelligent products and services around data awareness, connection, convergence, integration, analysis, decision making, operation, and security. Accelerating the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G commercial and artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and the Internet of Things is an important force to play a key role in investment,the integration of a strong domestic market, and high-quality economic and social development.  

The White Paper on New Infrastructure Construction in the 5G Era is a useful exploration of the new infrastructure construction model to promote economic transformation and high-quality development. The report points out that the new infrastructure has the characteristics of rapid iteration, ubiquitous support, integrated innovation, intelligent leadership, and safety first. In accordance with the standards of "autonomous controllability, security and credibility", and in combination with China's current state of technological development, new infrastructure construction still needs to focus on breakthroughs in ten major areas such as sensors and the Internet of Things, 5G technology, and cloud computing. Focusing on the construction and application of new infrastructures such as 5G, a number of application scenarios have emerged in the fields of industry, agriculture, transportation, finance, social welfare, as well as security, electricity, medical treatment, education, and media. Facing up the future and advancing the construction of new infrastructure, it is also necessary to make corresponding policy preparations to enable the new infrastructure to fully enable production and life.

In addition, Vice Presient Zhang Xueying and others also visited  "5G Era New Infrastructure" and "5G + Smart Park" exhibition zones in the Yizhuang Smart City Collaborative Innovation Research Institute.  Xiao Xiuli,Director-General of the Comprehensive Management Department of the State Information Center, and related staff participated.