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The 2019 Asia-Pacific Smart City Development Forum was Held in Shenzhen
Source:Public Technology Service Dept.   Date:2019-11-18

On November 14, 2019, the Asia-Pacific Smart City Development Summit, hosted by the State Information Center and IDG Asia, was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Liu Yunan,President of the State Information Center, attended the forum and delivered a speech.

Liu Yunan pointed out that there is big room for improvement in building high-level new smart cities, increasing the government capacity in managing smart cities, and meeting people's new expectations for a better life. Firstly, we must use smart cities as the starting point to promote the modernization of urban governance systems and governance capabilities. It is necessary to take the construction of a new smart city as a starting point by using information technology to perceive the social change, smooth communication channels, improve the level of social governance with new smart cities, and establish the new mechanisms in big data for decision-making and social governance by “speaking with data and applying data in decision-making,management and innovation.”Secondly, we must use smart cities as a carrier to create a new highland for digital economic development. Promoting the construction of a new type of smart city is inseparable from the development of the digital economy and the IT industry. It is necessary to build an innovative ecosystem that integrates with the city, promote digital industrialization and digitalization of the industry, and back up new technologies such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to be deeply integrated with the real economy. Thirdly,  to use smart cities as a means to achieve the convenience of public services. New smart cities must adhere to the people-centered concept, always bear in mind the initial mission of creating high-quality life for the people, promote the extensive application of information technology in education, medical care, transportation, tourism, home appliance and other fields, and develop various types of convenience services for the goal of making life better by science and technology. Fourthly, to take the opportunity of smart city construction to promote the integration, openness and sharing of data resources. To promote the construction of smart cities in the new era, we must implement the national big data development strategy, focus on the convergence, sharing and utilization of data resources, and realize the transformation of smart city construction from technical driven to data driven so as to better release data dividends. At the same time, we must adhere to the systematic thinking with the demand-driven, and strengthen the optimization and coordination of smart city applications.  

Responsible staff from the Comprehensive Management Dept., Public Technology Service Dept. and Information Resource and Industry Development Dept. attended the summit.