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President Liu Yunan Led the Team To Huawei Headquarter
Source:Public Technology Service Dept.   Date:2019-11-18

On November 13, 2019, Liu Yunan, President of the State Information Center, led a team to headquarter of Shenzhen Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. in Putian and Songshanhu bases for the field research. The team was briefed by the history of Huawei and the cooperation process with SIC. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on issues such as native controlled government cloud, government big data and blockchain technology.

During the discussion, President Liu Yunan said that self-control is a major strategic issue that concerns national security and development, which matters the working and life of the masses of the people. As the main force for the national informatization construction, the SIC combing Huawei, a leading native enterprise in the fields of independently controlled technology and innovation, are taking key mission and responsibilities in the core technology breakthrough of the IT sector and the strategy of building China into a cyberpower called by the President XI Jinping. It is hoped that both sides will continue to give full play to their respective advantages, deepening cooperation, holding key core technologies in our own hands, and contributing to national informatization construction and technological innovation, so as to made the fundamental support for safeguarding national security.

Zhou Min, Vice President of the SIC, and relevant responsible persons from the Comprehensive Management Department and the Public Technical Service Department participated in the field research.