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The 7th China-Korea Automobile Industry Development Seminar Held in Beijing
Source:Information and Industry Development Dept.   Date:2019-11-13

On November 12, the 7th China-Korea Automobile Industry Development Seminar, organized by the Information and Industry Development Department of the State Information Center and Hyundai Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd., was held in Beijing. The seminar has been held for six consecutive years and now become the highest-level exchange platform for the Chinese and Korean automotive industry. The theme of this seminar is “driven the new era of autonomous driving with eastern wisdom”, inviting specialists from both countries to share the latest achievements in auto-driving technology, and exploring the cooperation opportunities between China and Korea in the field of automatic driving. development of. Xu Changming, Vice President of the SIC, delivered an opening speech and gave a keynote speech. Zhang Xueying, Vice Presidnet of SIC made a closing speech.

Vice President Xu Changming pointed that Republic of Korea(ROK), as a country with global competitiveness in the automotive sector among emerging economies, has provided effective experience for the development of China's domestic brand vehicles. By taking the platform of this seminar, two countries have established a beneficial interaction. Since the beginning of this year, with the development of AI and the commercialization of 5G, autonomous driving has consolidated a rapid developing foundation in China. For this reason, the  Seminar also focuses on the research of autonomous driving and related issues.  

Vice President Zhang Xueying pointed out that under a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, autonomous vehicles are developing rapidly in the world. Through this seminar, we have a comprehensive understanding on autonomous vehicles. The commercialization of a technology cannot be achieved overnight. The industrialization of autonomous driving technology requires suppors of infrastructure, policy environment, technology reserves, and consumption willingness. In the future, we will strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the core technology research and development and business model innovation of autonomous vehicles, and learn from each other to jointly promote the development of autonomous vehicles.