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2019 Strategic Emerging Industry Cultivation and Development Forum was Held in Shenzhen
Source:Department of Informatization and Industry Development   Date:2019-11-13

On November 12, 2019, the “2019 Strategic Emerging Industry Cultivation and Development Forum” co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, China Development Bank and State Information Center was held in Shenzhen. Academician Zhong Zhihua, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ai Xuefeng, Deputy Mayor of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, and Ma Xin, Vice President of the China Development Bank attended the forum and delivered speeches. Liu Yunan, President of the State Information Center, gave a keynote speech as the vice chairman of the forum and unveiled the "2020 China Strategic Emerging Industry Development Report" written by the SIC.

At the forum, President Liu Yunan made a keynote speech entitled "The Development Trend and Future Prospects of Strategic Emerging Industry". He pointed out that since the beginning of this year, under the complicated and ever-changing external context, strategic emerging industries have maintained a stable and promising development trend and continue to lead the high-quality development of the economy, showing seven distinctive features: strong domestic market for the industry stabilized and rebounded, new development momentum released by key sectors, priorities transited from the quantity expansion to high-quality and efficiency, highlights showcased by counter-cyclical investment growth, improved financing climate, innovation outputs emerged, and high-efficiency agglomeration of the industry cluster. Although the development of strategic emerging industry still faces some internal and external constraints, in the medium and long term, the opportunities outweigh the challenges by utilizing five benefits like releasing the domestic market forces, deepening the opening up, accelerating new infrastructure construction, pushing forward the pioneering industry clusters, cultivating cross-boundary economic spin-offs. The combination of five new benefits is expected to boost the development of strategic emerging industries to new heights.

The forum also invited the Honorary Chairman of the Presidium of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Zhou Ji, some academicians, namely, Qi Hejun, Lu Jun, Zhang Boli, Lu Bingheng, Tu Hailing, Peng Suping, Sun Fengchun, He Wei, Ding Wenhua, and Professor Xue Lan of Tsinghua University, etc. Experts and scholars shared the major achievements in the strategic emerging industries at this stage, discussed the opportunities and growth prospect of China's strategic emerging industries, and propose policy recommendations for major problems in industrial development. The forum attracted representatives from research institutes, financial institutions, strategic emerging industry-related enterprises and news media.