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The 3rd Global Programmer's Day was successfully held in Xi'an
Source:Comprehensive Management Dept.   Date:2019-10-25

On October 24, 2019, the 3rd Global Programmer's Day, co-sponsored by Xi'an Municipal People's Government, State Information Center, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and China Electronic Information Industry Federation, was held at Xi'an High-tech International Conference Center. This year's programmers' festival is based on the theme of “Digital Interconnection, Coding the Future”. Experts from various fields at home and abroad have exchanged discussions on frontier technologies such as digital economy, artificial intelligence and 5G. Han Yongwen, Vice Chairman of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, and Zhang Xueying, Vice President of the State l Information Center, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

In his speech, Vice President Zhang Xueying pointed out that in the new century, the vigorous development of the digital economy is obvious to all. The digital economy will become an important engine for the development of China and the world. Programmers are an important support for the development of the digital economy. They have the dual attributes of "labor elements" and "innovation elements" and are the core resources for the development of the digital economy. It is hoped that the various elements of the digital economy, including programmer resources, will gradually achieve more smooth interconnection and sharing on a global scale, maximizing the contribution of the digital economy to the development of human civilization. He hoped that the development of the digital economy and the cultivation of programmers will continue. Efforts shall be made to iterate and evolve toward better, newer, and more efficient directions. In the future, the SIC is willing to work with the partners to grasp the opportunities of global digital economic development, deepen policy research and strategic co-ordination, adhere to the advanced layout and innovation-driven so as to contribute to the high-quality development of the digital economy!


Xiao Xiuli, Director-General of the Comprehensive Management Department of SIC, and relevant staff participated in the event.