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Statel Information Center and Chang’an Automobile Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Source:Department of Informatization and Industry Development   Date:2019-03-20

On the morning of March 20, 2019, State Information Center (SIC) and Chang’an Automobile held a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Cheng Xiaobo, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the State Information Center and Zhu Huarong, Secretary of Party Committee and President of Chang’an Automobile attended the signing ceremony and signed the agreement. Xu Changming, Vice President of SIC, presided over the signing ceremony. Huang Luming, Deputy Director-General of Department of Information and Industry Development of SIC, and Xie Guang, Senior Director of Chang’an Automobile Strategic Planning Department, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.


Cheng Xiaobo says that SIC and Chang’an Automobile have reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which is of great significance for them to work together for mutual benefit and win-win. On the one hand, Chang’an’s long history of development, especially in the new era, will help SIC access to direct examples of enterprise development and promote its automotive research to a new height, which makes SIC serve industry development better and provide effective industrial policy recommendations for decision-making better. On the other hand, SIC, as a national think tank featuring economic forecasting analysis, information construction and big data applications, has accumulated in the field of automotive research for 30 years. With the advantages of automotive research methods, databases and resource networks SIC can provide Chang’an Automobile with decision-making support, technical support and suggestions on the way of thinking so as to promote the development of Chang’an Automobile to maintain stability while creating greater glories.


Zhu Huarong says that Chang’an Automobile and SIC have reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which will become a new milestone in the cooperation between Chang’an Automobile and the national think tank. It will undoubtedly boost Chang’an Automobile's “third entrepreneurship – innovation and entrepreneurship plan” and strengthen research on macro environment and industry development to strengthen the positive capability of Chang’an Automobile. In the face of the trend of the industry, they will work together to help Chinese brand cars seize the trend of "new four modernizations" and help the high-quality development of China's auto industry.


According to the cooperation agreement, both sides unanimously agreed to carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation around the automobile industry development strategy, automobile macro environment research, market demand and product development trend research.



Liu Ming, Deputy Director-General of Department of Information and Industry Development, and relevant staff of the automotive research team attended the signing ceremony.