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Vice President Zhou Min Met with Director-General Ma Kai of Guizhou Provincial Public Resource Trading Center

On the morning of March 7, 2019, Zhou Min, Vice President of the State Information Center, met with Ma Kai, Director-General of the Guizhou Provincial Public Resource Trading Center. They exchanged views on the work and next focus of public resource transactions in Guizhou Province.


At the meeting, Director-General Ma Kai introduced the overall situation and recent work considerations of public resource transactions in 2018 in Guizhou Province. Vice President Zhou Min expressed warm welcome to the arrival of Director-General Ma and his colleagues. They discussed issues on the integration of public resource trading platforms, big data analysis, electronic transaction processing, transaction supervision, collection and utilization of credit information, etc.


Xu Chunxue, Deputy Director-General of the Public Technology Service Department, and relevant staff of the Application Promotion Division attended the meeting.