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Brief Introduction

The State Information Center (Administration Center of China E-government Network) is a public institution directly affiliated to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). In 1986, the establishment of State Economic Information System and State Economic Information Center was approved by the State Council in response to challenges brought by the global IT revolution while meeting the needs of China’s reform. On January 24, 1987, the State Information Center was officially established and the name was inscribed by Comrade Deng Xiaoping on January 22, 1988. In 2010, approved by State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform, it also added the function of the Administration Center of China E-government Network.

As a national-level decision-making advisory body and public service platform of the e-government network with the characteristics of economic analysis and forecasting, informatization building and big data application, the State Information Center has,focusing upon advanced information technologies as the means, information resources development as the core and supporting scientific decisions as the mission,functioned as a think-tank and main force in assisting the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, NDRC and governments at all levels in macro decision-making, and in propelling the development of national economy and informatization of the society. The center has gained comprehensive advantages in policy researchand consultation, development strategy making, data collection &analysis, information technology platform and a team of professional talents. It also takes the lead in promoting the development of national economic information system and the e-government network system to support the economicresearch and informatization of all the departments and regions.

The major responsibilities of the SIC include:                                          

1. Undertaking government informatizationconstruction of the NDRC and providing technical support. Constructing, implementing and managing the “Smart NDRC” project and enabling the daily operation of government affairs service center.

2. Constructing, operating and maintaining the national e-government network and related management. Providing technical support for the integration and sharing of the national e-government information system.

3. Undertaking researches on key issues concerning macroeconomic monitoring and forecasting and the development of national economy and the society, and developing quantitative analysis model and macro-policy simulation.

4. Studying development strategies of national economy and the society as well as the medium- and long-term trends, and providing decision-making support and policy advice with regard to the formulation of medium- and long-term planning and regional development strategies for the state and government departments at all levels.

5. Providing decision-making consultation for the planning of informatization strategies, the top-level design and manufacturing and other industries, which mainly includes the strategic planning and consulting services for the digital economy, sharing economy, smart cities, and strategic emerging industries and automobile industry.

6. Supporting big data decision making, studying big data development strategies and overall planning, pushing forward the sharing, opening and application of big data, carrying out basic research on key generic technologies and core algorithm models in the field of big data.

7. Providing information security policy consultation, security risk assessment and classified protection, information security monitoring and data security services, and carrying out relevant theoretical and applied researches on information systems and network security.

8. Coordinating and guiding development of the national economic information system and the national e-government network system.

9. Operating and building the "China Economic Information Network", undertaking the operation and maintenance of the "Credit China" website and the China "Belt and Road" website while providing technical support.